Do I need permission to use the CYRM\ARM?

The CYRM\ARM is available to researchers at no cost. Please fill in the form on this page to receive instant access the CYRM\ARM. There is no review process, we just keep your information for our files.

How do I evaluate the scores?

The CYRM\ARM is a measure which is meant to be directly summed - the score is then used to compare the children in the sample on their levels of resilience. We have found that the higher the score, the more these resilience components are present in the lives of participants.

How long does it usually take to administer the CYRM\ARM?

Administration of the CYRM-26 or CYRM-28 takes approximately 20 minutes, but researchers should be prepared that it may take more time when participants require more clarification.

One or more of the questions might be difficult for my study’s population, would it be permissible to change/adapt it and still mostly retain the psychometric properties of the measure?

Questions on the CYRM\ARM can be changed and adapted, but researchers should note that the validation of the particular sub-scale would be lost. Nevertheless, the measure is still useful if used in relation to risk and outcome measures.

Does the CYRM-12 include identified sub-scales?

As of yet, no sub-scales have been identified for the CYRM-12.

What are the available language translations for the CYRM\ARM?

The Resilience Research Centre does not officially offer the CYRM\ARM in any language other than English; however, some users have translated the CYRM into the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Puerto Rico), Spanish (Spain), and Urdu. Although we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any research done using a translated version, we provide these translations on our download page as reference.

I have a question that was not answered in the CYRM\ARM Manual or this FAQ, where can I get help?

Staff at the RRC are committed to offering tools and services for research and evaluation projects concerned with the well-being of children, youth, and families. Although the CYRM\ARM will always be available to researchers at no cost, we are no longer able to offer consultation for free. Due to the high volume of requests, any further help will now be offered for a fee in order to recover the cost of staff time. To have someone from the RRC consult on one of your projects, please fill out the form on this page.